About US

A Commitment to Innovation

"My little computer said such a funny thing this morning".’ - Alan Turing

Our Mission

Pyq's mission is to enable businesses to harness the power of AI in a way that is tailored, secure, and transparent. We aim to drive innovation in non-AI industries by providing intuitive tools for developing, deploying, and managing task-specific AI models, anchored on a commitment to accuracy, privacy, and explainability. At Pyq, we are not just building technology, we are building the future of enterprise AI.

Our Team

Aman Raghuvanshi

Prior to co-founding Pyq, Aman worked at Sightly where he was the Director of Product. Studied Computer Science at Claremont McKenna College/Harvey Mudd. He has 2 patents in AI. He enjoys watching F1, reading (mostly historical non-fiction that reads like fiction) and playing squash.

Emily Dorsey

Emily previously worked on the HoloLens at Microsoft. She studied Computer Science and French at Harvey Mudd College, and graduated in 2018. She loves reality TV, knitting, and baking.

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