Commission Extractor

For agencies: Extract details from commission statements and fill out your AMS

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Save on BPO/VA costs

Instead, outsource the mechanical task of data extraction from commission statements to a bot that works 24x7.

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Fewer errors

Your Accounting department will spend less time making numbers tie because of errors and inconsistencies.

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Handles every kind of document

Intake every kind of commission statement, from clean Excel files to scanned physical mail, and export to IVANS and others.

How It Works

Upload all commission statements via our purpose-built UI, API or email, and view the extracted commissions and policy details moments later. Review and push to your AMS with a click of a button or via a bulk CSV upload.

Demo Video

Here's a quick demo of the product!

Stop pushing paper manually

Automate your organzation's mundane, repetitive tasks and use that time to grow

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