Policy Comparison

For brokers: Extract key details from quotes and policies, compare them and export them to your AMS

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Analyze quotes & policies quickly

Stop combing through quotes/policies to find what you need, and let the AI pull all relevant information for you instead.

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Generate comparisons

Use our purpose-built user interface to compare multiple policies, or communicate with the AI via email. Either way, it only takes a few moments.

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Emphasize completeness

Extract every relevant detail from the policy to construct the most complete comparisons and analyses. The AI is designed to digest the entire document, from high level details to fine-print.

How It Works

Upload all policies or quotes AI via our purpose-built UI or email, and view them in a tabular format moments later. Use this to find the right fit, chat with the documents further, and generate great proposals that your clients will love.

Demo Video

Here's a quick demo of the product!

Stop pushing paper manually

Automate your organzation's mundane, repetitive tasks and use that time to grow

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