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11 Jan 2022
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Today we’re releasing Initium’s comparison capability. With this new feature, you can compare documents, or even groups of documents, based on criteria that you define. All with one simple API call.


Let’s walk through an example of this. Imagine that you’re shopping for insurance policies. Each one comes with a lengthy PDF describing coverage, limitations, provisions and definitions. And to make matters worse, traditional insurance comparison pages look like this:

Comparison tables like these are common when shopping for anything online

This table contains lots of information, only some of it relevant, and customers who aren't well versed in the product category don't even know where to start.

Using this new comparison feature, you can simply ask comparative questions like “Which plan offers the best travel coverage?” instead of combing through all of this information:

Ask for a comparative answer based on what matters most to you

And even redefine the entire comparison by adding in criteria that are most relevant to you, written in simple English, by running comparisons in each cell:

A custom comparison table with only the criteria that matters most to you


All of this is possible via just two simple API calls. They are:

1. Document upload: Use the sample code below to upload each document you wish to add to the comparison, either to the same index (if they’re part of the same group) or to different ones.

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: ExampleApiToken' \
--form 'account_id="1234"' \
--form 'index_name="blue-shield-silver-1750-ppo"' \
--form 'document_source="Blue Shield Silver 1750 PPO"' \
--form 'input_sequence=@"/Documents/bs_1750.pdf"'

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: ExampleApiToken' \
--form 'account_id="1234"' \
--form 'index_name="sutter-health-gold-hmo"' \
--form 'document_source="Sutter Health Gold HMO"' \
--form 'input_sequence=@"/Documents/sh_hmo.pdf"'

2. Run comparisons: Use the /compare-documents or /compare-indices endpoints to run your comparisons. The responses are formatted exactly like the regular /ask endpoint.

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: ExampleApiToken' \

The above example is just one of several that you could build with this feature. Shopping comparisons of any kind (cars come to mind), sales battlecards, and sales co-pilots are some other areas where this could be utilized.


If this is of interest to you, please book a call here to learn more and get started! You can also take a look at our technical documentation here.

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