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11 Jan 2022
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Auto Indexer

We’re excited to announce that Initium can now automatically organize the documents you give it.  A pain point many companies encounter when managing large numbers of documents is their organization - you have to store them in the correct folders, name them appropriately and ensure that team members stick to your organizational system.

The same issue applies to RAG - to work optimally, RAG systems need documents to be somewhat organized, as this helps narrow down and contextualize sources.  And just as with physical documents or ones in the cloud, organization is a pain point.  

With Pyq’s auto indexer, users can now upload documents without having to worry about index management for optimal retrieval  - Pyq will sort it out under the hood.


Say you are a car dealership and want to query different models about their gas mileage - previously it would make sense to have an index per car model, and then to query the “Camry” index to get its gas mileage.  With the auto-indexer, all car brochures can be uploaded to the same place, without sacrificing response accuracy, and you can ask a question like “What’s the Camry’s gas mileage?” without having to worry about referring to the correct source.


The index parameter in all API calls is now optional - leaving it blank will result in Pyq automatically organizing your documents based on what it thinks is best..  All existing indices  remain the same, as does the creation flow with a user-constructed index.


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