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Automations for brokerages & carriers

Expand Revenue and Margins

Automate documentation tasks so producers, underwriters and back-offices can shine

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Big Wins Across The Board


Brokers spend about hours every day just doing paperwork, such as analyzing quotes and generating submissions. Automate that so they can use their superpowers to grow their book, and support existing clients.


About half of an underwriter's day is spent doing easy but manual tasks, such as ingesting broker submissions. Let them spend it quoting and binding instead.


Speed up form reading and filling so your adjusters can spend that time dealing with nuanced and judgment-heavy situations.

Back Offices

Filling out accounting software and debugging data entry is something AI does better than humans. Instead, help them run your agency or carrier like a well-oiled machine.

State of the art AI, designed specifically for insurance

We've built state of the art and insurance-specific technology that helps these systems work reliably and cost-effectively

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Best-in-class document processing

Insurance documents (policies, quotes, invoices, submissions etc) are never standardized, and our document understanding pipelines are specifically designed to handle any kind of formatting.

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Handle long and complicated documents

We've designed our information retrieval and search system to expect, and even take advantage, of the unique nature of insurance documents.

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Insurance-specific large language model

We're pre-trained and fine-tuned an LLM specifically with insurance use-cases in mind. Helps reduce hallucinations and responds in common industry language.

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Narrow focus with broad benefits

Our deep focus on insurance means that our technology improves for your use-cases over time, both with your feedback and automatically.

What The Industry Is Thinking

"Modern AI solutions are game changers for the industry"

- CEO of a major consumer insurance company

"AI and its related technologies will have a seismic impact on all aspects of the insurance industry"

- "The State of Insurance in 2030", McKinsey & Co

"There's massive scope for automation that will ultimately make us more productive"

- Producer at a top 3 P&C brokerage

"I spend 8 hours a day doing admin, when should I sell?"

- AE at a top 5 commercial P&C brokerage

Stop pushing paper manually

Automate your organzation's mundane, repetitive tasks and use that time to grow

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