Submission Generator

For brokers: Automatically generate submissions and cover letters:

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Block the market faster

Construct submissions for your customers in moments instead of hours, and get it to carriers faster

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Less paperwork

Let the AI convert customer SOVs, trailing emails and loss runs into complete submissions, in formats that carriers can process quickly

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Spend more time producing

Increase your time in-market by saving over 8 hours per deal. Best of all, you can do it via email while on the go.

How It Works

Simply forward all documents (loss runs, SOVs, ACORD forms etc), emails and any special instructions to the AI via email, and it'll respond with a submission packet within moments. It's been trained to generate cover letters and documents that underwriters can intake, and you can review, quickly.

Stop pushing paper manually

Automate your organzation's mundane, repetitive tasks and use that time to grow

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